Local economy

Local economy By Gary Hewitt   This is perfect for shopping. The interior’s dingy except for a few candles. I can’t say I’m a fan of the musky smell. Here’s some books along with a few photos, pens, notepads and postcards. I’ll have the pads and biros. The tea towels will come in handy too. […]

The Ferryman

The Ferryman By Kay Poiro   Winklepinkers were what my mother called them. Rotten little low-necked shoe boots that pinched my toes and conjured blisters. My usual funeral shoes were stylish, but impractical for the day’s weather. Hence, the winklepickers. Reluctantly plucked from the back of my closet for the literal rainy day. Except rain […]

One Formula for Perfect Character Development

One Formula for Perfect Character Development By Ross Stager   I. What You Call Yourself In the majority of situations you are likely to refer to yourself as your God-given name, the one your parents designated. But this no longer cages the rabid Individual intimately infected By that all-too-apparent And obvious necessity To remain distinct. When […]

The Beast

The Beast By K.J. Wortendyke   There is a creature in my chest, Which dances with my heart, And plays upon its fearful strings, The blackest of its art. These claws upon my tender flesh, In self-inflicted shades, Pain keeps the beast inside of me, An agony stockade. For if the beast should come unbound, […]


Touch By Emilio Trinidad Jasso   The day was just as hot as any other day in Texas. Humidity was at ninety percent and you could practically hear the paint peeling off the walls. The air outside my high school was thick with the smell of asphalt and rubber as car tires and blacktop melded […]

Silver Language

Silver Language By Bobbi Sinha-Morey   At dawn when I awoke my eyelids were wet with tears shed in dreams. Now my eyes are open but there is nothing to see, only the sly spider of the night who crept through the red doors of daybreak to wait inside my room. Before when I had […]