Lost Star

Lost Star
By Bobbi Sinha-Morey


What narrow yesterdays,
what stale and shriveled
years when all that is left
is the rear view mirror
of my broken dreams.
My heart folded like a
tent not long ago. At
this time words die
strangled on my lips
and sorrow I keep curled
in my fist. Despair is still
my star; it deepens the
grey and tears refuse to
clear away my eyes while
silence pushes me into
a box of its own. I look
for the cracks that have
riven my past and pierced
my memories, each one
a desert isle leaving me
so bare I’ve nowhere to go.


Bobbi Sinha-Morey is a reviewer for the online magazine Specusphere and a poet. Her poetry can be seen in places such as Orbis, Gloom Cupboard, Falling Star Magazine, Pirene’s Fountain, and Bellowing Ark, among others. Her latest book of poetry, Rain Song, is available at  www.writewordsinc.com

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