On the Barren Path

On the Barren Path
By Martin Gibbs

Oh, how she dances across the desolate road!
No dust clings to her perfect form;
winds do not muss her flowing locks,
and thunderheads buckle and burst at her splendor.

My love she skips across the barren, bleak highway,
a road of greed and strife and gold.
Swift feet fly over pebbles and gravel,
sloth and agony, and past hopeless habitude.

Along this barren road she is in solitude,
no one would dare break her splendor;
the slime and muck of earthly filth
does part and bend and leave her free.

Racing, racing across the forsaken passage,
she sprints to climes of calm splendor,
to vistas high and valleys rich;
far beyond the bleak and barren pathway of pills.

My love, she dreams, to pass beyond this darkened shore,
to leave behind the battered lane,
to vacate the pain of this earth;
to at last cease the racking, blinding pain, she craves…

To the light of release she springs, she sprints, she soars!
Her flawless gown, her crimson hair,
ivory skin glows in the sun…
allure marred only by blood, seeping into sand.



Martin Gibbs writes fantasy, flash fiction, and poetry. He enjoys cross-country skiing, biking, and cooking. During the day, he supports enterprise information systems and writes dry, boring drivel in the form of academic research. Fantasy and poetry are his way out of a world full of ones and zeroes. He has published the first installment of a fantasy trilogy, called The Spaces Between, and will have the full series done in late 2012. Martin lives in the snow-covered paradise of Minnesota, USA.

Website: http://drunkardsjourney.blogspot.com


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